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Snow Crab Neta 500G

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100% Fish. 100% Natural. Enjoy at-home snow crab sushi recipes!

All of our products are certified with BRC, FDA, MSC, SMETA.

Product Details
Packing Size: 500G / Frozen
Fully Cooked and Ready-To-Eat

Upholding Vina Pride Seafoods’ commitment for excellence and sustainability, we produce the healthiest and natural seafoods from wild-caught fillets to surimi seafoods!

Snow crab sushi toppings are high-quality products that can be used in our everyday life or on special occasions at home or out and about to make quick and easy snow crab sushi.

A natural resource of the essential amino acids and natural fish protein!

Fully cooked, ready-to-eat

Safe Handling Instructions
Keep frozen at -18 C or below, thaw to eat

Warning Text
Do not use if package has been damaged or opened.

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